Approvals and certification for Boeing, Airbus, Beechcraft and Piper aircraft.


A1Boeing B727 SeriesYesYes
A1Boeing B737 Original Series: B737–200YesYes
A1Boeing 737 Classic Series: 737–300/400/500YesYes
A1Boeing 737 Next Generation Series: 737–600/700/800/900YesYes
A1737 Boeing Business Jet SeriesYesYes
A1Boeing B757 Series: B757–200/300YesYes
A1Airbus A318YesYes
A1Airbus A319YesYes
A1Airbus A320YesYes
A1Airbus A321YesYes
A2Beech 200 SeriesYesYes
A2Piston Engine AeroplanesYesYes
D1Non-destructive Testing: Eddy Current; Liquid Penetrant; Magnetic Particle, Radiographic, Ultrasonic (including Phased Array)YesYes