Spotlight on: George Turcu



Spotlight Profile on: George Turcu Profile, 2Excel Engineering’s Compliance Manager 

Tell us a little bit about yourself, George. I moved to the UK in 2014 from Romania. Prior to Covid, I was going home monthly to visit family and friends. I have a great social circle both in both countries.

How did your career start? I have been in aviation since I finished University. I wanted to develop my horizon and explore my full potential, so in 2014 I moved to Coventry to work for Atlantic Airlines.  In 2015, the company made the decision to move some of its offices to Sweden but that did not fit my future plans, so I started to look for another role in the UK. I was then drawn to the former ATC Lasham. 

I began at Lasham just before 2Excel acquired the MRO in late 2015, and I started at 2Excel Engineering in January 2016 managing documentation for the company during the administration period. I’ve been 2Excel’s Compliance Manager ever since and I have seen a lot of great change in five years. 

Have you always been interested in Aviation? Yes. I finished university in 2004, achieving a degree in aeronautical engineering and I was put in contact with a private business that operated helicopters, working there for around eight years. I have worked in aviation since 2006 so I have been in the industry for around 15 years. 

Tell us more about your role. My role consists of continuous monitoring of the organisation level of compliance with the Aviation regulation through audits, company staff approvals and competencies; as well as keeping the organisation up to date with regulation requirements. Helping implement these requirements is a crucial part of my role. These processes ensure that 2Excel Engineering continues to run smoothly.  

For example, last year we put in place a new system which allows us to issue company authorisation to our licenced engineers and increase flexibility, suiting our company needs. This made the system paper-free and easy to use whilst continuing to keep our staff properly authorised and also migrating the entire data base into the new system.  

Due to the fluidity of staff – because of Covid’s impact on the aviation industry – I had to ensure that the organisation maintained its compliance during these difficult times and as we return to a level of normality. Rather than face-to-face sample checks, now things are done by virtual meetings, live feeds, document checks and feedback questionnaires. Additionally, staggered visits at certain locations to avoid direct physical contact.  

Now into 2021, the challenge is brought by the necessity that both our Safety and Compliance must be compatible with both UK CAA and EASA.  

Up to December 2020, I had one audit plan covering EASA requirements, but now we need to split for both authorities, and this will keep me and my colleagues in Safety and Training departments very busy… 

What are the biggest challenges for the Compliance Department? Human factors will always be the driving factor in all our activity; therefore, we work hard with our internal teams to manage and evaluate processes in order to best fit the end user. Processes and procedures, simple or complex, have to take into account the human who uses them. 

Our procedures are developed together with the shop floor workers. They are not done in an office and then just imposed on the end users. They are written and dissected to the last comma with our colleagues who will use them in the end. 

What are your 2Excel achievements? I think the biggest success is that we have kept going and at the same time have adapted. And despite all the challenges with Brexit and the pandemic, we have continually raised our standards. 

The most visible successes are the aircraft leaving from Lasham knowing that we’ve all been a cog in the system and played a part in returning that aircraft to its customer after a job well done (and safe and compliant!). 

We have only moved forward. 


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