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2Excel Engineering (2EE) opened the hangar doors to four apprentices in 2017, the year that the company’s Apprenticeship Scheme launched. Fast-forward to autumn this year and our hardworking apprentices graduated with offers of employment.  

With support from Fareham College, a total of 16 apprentices are going through the current training scheme, with four apprentices – Cameron, Bradley, Max and Callum – graduating in October this year.  

2Excel Engineering’s CEO, Chris Norton OBE DFC, said: All four of them haveworked very hard during their training over the past three years and, even as apprentices,they’ve had a hugely positive impact on our business. On behalf of thewhole 2EE family, I wish our graduates the best of luck in their careers with us.  They all have a bright future ahead of them.’’ 

Cameron Aldridge, Callum Jeffery, Bradley Hamilton and Max Wood are now permanent, full-time employees. We spoke to our new recruits about their 2Excel Engineering journey from Apprentice to Improver Mechanic.

 A Q&A with Cameron Aldridge 

Cameron, aged 22 and from Stubbington in Hampshire, heard of our Apprenticeship Scheme through his college course at CEMAST.

Why are you interested in aviation engineering?  

I’ve always had a passion for engineering and with a new engineering college opening in my area, I took the opportunity to study it. 

What was the most interesting task you have undertaken during your apprenticeship? 

I have been involved in many different types of tasks during my apprenticeship, however if I was to choose the most interesting, I would have to say sheet metal repair jobs. 

Have you enjoyed your time at 2Excel Engineering? If so, why?  

Yes, I have enjoyed my time here because I have gained experience in each area of the company and been heavily involved in heavy maintenance tasks, which for an apprenticeship, is very rare. 

What have been your main highlights during your time at 2EE?  

‘One of my main highlights was being involved so heavily on the shop floor. Getting stuck into engine removals/installations, component changes and so on. 

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?  

‘I’d like to be finishing my B1 licence and progressing within the company. 

Who is your biggest inspiration? Who do you look up to?  

I always look up to people with more experience who are willing to show me the way forward and the people at 2EE have done this.’ 

Congratulations on your new roleCameron!

A Q&A with Bradley Hamilton 

Bradley, aged 21 and from Portsmouth, also heard about the scheme through his work experience at CEMAST College.  

Why are you interested in aviation engineering?   

‘I have always been interested in aircraft in general and the practical aspect of the work. The most interesting task I’ve undertaken during this apprenticeship was the spray boom attachment modification on both of the Oil Spill Response aircraft. 

Have you enjoyed your time at 2Excel Engineering? If so, why?   

‘Yes, very much. The level and range of skillset is hard to beat and learning from everyone here has been a great experience.’ 

What have been your main highlights during your time at 2EE? 

‘I’ve loved being heavily involved in big jobs and trusted in the wider skillset areas such as sheet metal work and modification.’ 

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?   

‘I see myself having finished my B1 licence and gaining experience with different aircraft types.’ 

Who is your biggest inspiration? Who do you look up to?   

‘I look up to the mentors and Leadership Team that had the confidence in me as an apprentice to do work on the more technical jobs independently. I feel this has helped me massively and if I get the opportunity to become a mentor, I will teach in the same way that I have been taught.’ 

Congratulations on your new roleBradley! 

A Q&A with Max Wood 

Max, aged 21 and from Bishops Waltham, heard about the Apprenticeship Scheme whilst completing work experience at CEMAST College.  

How did you get into the aviation industry? 

Originally, I was interested in developing my understanding of how aircraft operate and over my time at 2Excel Engineering, this has developed into a desire to maintain them to allow them to fly safely. 

What has been the most interesting task you have carried out? 

‘The most interesting task I took part in during my apprenticeship was when I had the opportunity to help a team with an engine replacement on a Boeing 757. 

Have you enjoyed your time at 2Excel Engineering? Have you got any highlights? 

‘Very much so, I have been able to work on something that has always interested me and I feel I have gained a very good understanding of how the industry operates. The main highlight of my time at 2Excel has been working with a team of skilled engineers to better my skills and knowledge of the aircraft industry and how each aircraft operates. 

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time? 

In five years’ time, I’m hoping to be well on my way to completing my modules, which will allow me to carry out large tasks with my own team of engineers. 

Congratulations on your new roleMax! 

A Q&A with Callum Jeffery 

Callum, aged 23 and from Camberley, was an employee at 2Excel Engineering and when he heard that an Apprenticeship Scheme was starting, he expressed his interest to join. Callum was the winner of our ‘Lasham Blade’ Award presented by the members of the 2Excel Leadership Team. This accolade was presented to him for his above-and-beyond commitment to his apprenticeship and to supporting the company.  

Why are you interested in aviation engineering? 

From a young age, I have always been interested in aviation and engineering. I’ve always enjoyed learning about engineering and how things work, and with my passion for aviation I knew aircraft maintenance was the career path for me. 

What was the most interesting task you have undertaken during your apprenticeship? 

The most interesting tasks I have undertaken at 2Excel are structural repairs. These tasks are so varied and unique, which has helped me gain a better understanding of aircraft structures and I’ve enjoyed carrying out these tasks. 

Have you enjoyed your time at 2Excel Engineering? 

I have really enjoyed my time at 2EE so far, I have worked with a great team of people who have supported me. 2Excel Engineering’s Apprenticeship Scheme has dedicated a lot of time and commitment to me to help me gain valuable skills, knowledge, and confidence to become an Aircraft Engineer.

My main highlights during my time at 2EE are the fun moments I’ve had working with my friends. 2Excel has a great team of people who create a fun, enjoyable work atmosphere.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time? 

In five-years’ time, I’d like to progress to lead mechanic within the company and look to gain my B1 licence. 

Who is your biggest inspiration? Who do you look up to? 

I’ve always looked up to my grandad. He brought me into aviation from a young age and has always passed down lots of his aviation knowledge to me, inspiring me to follow a career path in the industry. 

Congratulations on your award and new role, Callum! 

To find out more about our Apprenticeship Scheme, visit our Careers Page.

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